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We are a full-service digital agency that produces game-changing experiences from the initial idea to technical development. We master all relevant technologies from mobile to XR and only leave when your audience is excited.

As gamification experts, we analyze and optimize processes and products. Everything that is not fun can also be fun.
The best from research for our customers. We have been associated with the gamelab.berlin of the Humboldt University for six years. Benefit from the latest findings of scientific research.

What possibilities does digitization offer and what personnel and financial efforts are involved? Whether you are interested in digitizing objects or dream of an infinite virtual reality showroom, we can advise you and give you the knowledge to competently develop and implement your digitization strategy.

Exhibition design

What are the main mediation goals and which audience should be addressed? Which digital technologies are suitable for this? As a service provider with a scientific background, we work closely with the curators. We speak code and culture! Your exhibits are the stars and we build the stage together.

AR / VR / Mixed Reality

The new technical possibilities offer immersive experiences and experiential spaces that were previously unthinkable. At the same time, there are many factors to consider to ensure a successful deployment. We have been working in this field for 5 years and have inspired many thousands of visitors with our virtual worlds.

Mobile solutions

What can visitors take away from a museum? Or from an exhibition? Why is the visitor book still the most common form of providing a forum for the public? We develop mobile solutions that make the visit permanent and enable a long-term, active relationship with the visitors.

Visitor research / Data analysis

Who are my visitors? Which topics are close to their hearts? And did the audience get what the exhibition organizers wanted to convey? Data-based visitor research can help them better assess the impact of their offerings and optimize them for the future.

Technical implementation

You already have ideas and concepts and now want to implement them? Our team of the world's best programmers, sound experts, filmmakers and designers will ensure a professional and robust realization of your digital projects.



The best for practice from excellent research. We have been part of the international research platform gamelab.berlin for over five years.

The gamelab.berlin is assigned to the Humboldt University of Berlin and investigates the phenomenon of games in an interdisciplinary and multi-perspective way on the basis of the cultural-theoretical thesis of an “age of games”. Based on an expanded concept of games, the gamelab.berlin conducts research in the areas of gamethinking, transmedial storytelling, serious games, gamification, persuasive design, engagement science and experience design, among others.


Benefit from the best ideas and concepts from top university research. In addition to your practical project, we will gladly provide you with the best experts for your contract research in order to evaluate your project with scientific methods. Our team is well networked, strongly interdisciplinary and correspondingly versatile and enthusiastic!

Interested? Contact us!