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Playersjourney develops playful digital solutions and virtual experience spaces to accompany museums and exhibitions into the digital age. Our mobile applications and virtual/ augmented reality productions will inspire your audience. Life is a journey - lets play!


What possibilities does digitalisation offer and what are the staff and financial costs associated with it? Whether you are interested in digitizing objects or dream of an infinite virtual reality exhibition space: We advise you and give you the knowledge so that you can competently develop and implement your digitalisation strategy.

Exhibition design

Which mediation goals are in the foreground and which audience should be addressed? Which digital technologies are suitable for this? As a service provider with a scientific background, we work closely with the curators. We speak code and culture! Your exhibits are the stars and we build their stage together.

AR / VR / Mixed Reality

The new technical possibilities offer immersive experiences and spaces of experience that were previously unthinkable. At the same time, there are many factors to consider to ensure a successful deployment. We have been working in this field for 5 years and have thrilled thousands of visitors with our virtual worlds.

Mobile Solutions

What can visitors take with them from a museum? Or from an exhibition? Why is the visitor book still the most common way to offer the public a forum? We develop mobile solutions that make the visit lasting and enable a long-term, active relationship with the visitors.

Visitor research / data analysis

Who are my visitors? Which topics are important to them? Did the content the curators wanted to mediate also reach the audience? Data-based visitor research can help them better assess the impact of their exhibits and optimize content and knowledge transfer for the future.

Technical implementation

You already have ideas and concepts and now want to implement them? Our team of the world's best programmers, sound experts, filmmakers and designers ensures a professional and reliable realization of your digital projects.


Mein Objekt in the Humboldt Forum

On behalf of the Stiftung Humboldt Forum, ,we are developing a mobile application for the Humboldt Forum, that will enable personalized and active handling of the exhibits. In this way, the museum visit can begin before the actual visit to the museum and can be continued afterwards. With the means of game design the long-term motivation of the user is guaranteed: The often overwhelming complexity of knowledge is structured according to levels and thus becomes a constantly surprising challenge. Mein Objekt is created in the context of the project museum4punkt0 - Digital Strategies for the Museum of the Future. (http://www.museum4punkt0.de) museum4punkt0 is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag. My object will be published by museum4punkt0 and the >Stiftung Humboldt Forum.


In the extension to the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven, which is currently being redesigned, a literally sensational exhibition is being temporarily installed together with the team of the German Maritime Museum. 360° films take visitors to Germany's best known research vessel: The POLARSTERN. At the same time it can be interacted with the icebreaker playfully through augmented reality. At a total of four Virtual Reality stations and one Augmented Reality station, visitors dive into the fascinating world of maritime research.

Playthinking Seminar

The law firm GÖRG Rechtsanwälte is one of the largest commercial law firms in Germany. We offer one- or two-day intensive training courses in the areas of digitization and cultural technology of the game both for the employees of the law firm and for their clients.

Water for Kenya VR

Water for Kenya VR is an interactive 360° 3D film project for mobile virtual reality headsets that makes climate change, sustainability and development aid a playful experience. In cooperation with the honorary association Wasser für Kenia e.V. (Water for Kenya, http://wasser-fuer-kenia.de), a series of stereoscopic 360° images were taken in one of Kenya's driest regions. High school students in geography classes can jump to a series of virtual places, meet locals, visit water projects and collect active objects in VR. In this way, a playful on-site experience is carefully integrated into traditional teaching methods. For the first time, ten VR-Headsets are packed in a suitcase, traveling from class to class all over Germany.

Humboldt Hackathon

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, Playersjourney organizes mixed reality hackathons in Colombia, Mexico and Peru. Teams from the local communities will have the opportunity to develop exciting, inspiring, provocative and stirring applications over three days. From art to science, all topics are welcome. The focus will be on Alexander von Humboldt and his versatile oeuvre. What importance does his work have for us today? The best teams will be invited to Berlin to present their work at the Humboldt Forum. More information at: https://www.goethe.de/prj/hya/de/index.html

Humboldt 360°

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut we are producing a fantastic 360° experience following the tracks of Alexander von Humboldt. Dive with us into the impressive flora of Latin America, explore the pulsating nightlife of Quito and climb the legendary Chimborazo. Humboldt 360° explores the narrative boundaries of 360° films and shows in an innovative way the almost incredible timeliness of this border crosser and philanthropist. More information at: https://www.goethe.de/prj/hya/de/index.html

Our work


Successful digital projects in the cultural sector require expert knowledge and radical interdisciplinarity. The computer nerd must be enthusiastic about Martin Gropius, the exhibition organizer about the potential of databases. Finding these people isn't easy. But we have them all! From museum specialists to interaction designers, from graffiti artists to Java nerds - your project will be in the best hands.

Working Method

The enthusiasm for what is technically possible often leads to unnecessarily cost-intensive designs. We clarify with you your mediation priorities, design various staging alternatives and jointly examine what is technically necessary to offer your audience the best experience.


For over five years we have been part of the international research platform http://www.gamelab.berlin. Benefit from the best ideas and concepts from top university research. In addition to your practical project, we will be happy to provide you with the best experts for your contract research in order to evaluate your project using scientific methods.

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