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About This Project

An immersive dance project that radicalizes the physical body in the virtual world. A contemporary dance performance that explores the human body in virtual space. In this collaborative, international and interdisciplinary research project, we explored the dancing body using technologies such as motion capture, virtual reality, digital avatars but also the physical stage to develop a narrative between human and machine. The resulting work sought to interrogate the engagement of the human body, its sensory response, and spectatorship in the realms of virtual design and dance.

Together with an interdisciplinary team from gamelab.berlin (of Humboldt University in Berlin), the Virtual Design Lab at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, and Carly Lave, we began developing new methods for using motion capture technology and virtual reality in a performance framework in December 2018.

The feasibility and implementation of this project depends entirely on the novel and exciting collaboration between art and technology. The performance used the Optitrack motion capture system with VR headsets, head-mounted displays (HMDs), on stage. Through live projections, the dancers interacted with a motion-captured representation of their bodies in the virtual environment, developed by the Kaiserslautern team in Unity.

More info at: Golem – Carly Lave